Efficient Service in Champaign, IL

How much does a basic repair cost?

Unlike many chain repair shops, we don't have set prices for things like brakes or tune-ups. We know that each car is different and each customer is different. We want to give personal and accurate quotes. We will always inform our customers of repairs and get an okay from the customer before moving forward with the repair.

Do I need to call first or can I just stop by?

Customers are welcome to stop by at any time. Brakes can usually be fixed the same day. Customers can drop off their cars and return later to pick them up. They're also welcome to stick around and play the pinball machines in the waiting area.

I can't get my car to your shop. What should I do?

Call us, and we will arrange a tow!

Is your work guaranteed?

All of our repair work is guaranteed. Our parts are guaranteed, too. Used parts come with a 30-day guarantee. Warranties for new parts vary, depending on the brand.