What Our Customers Are Saying in Champaign, IL

“I called Greg because my car was being sluggish and the air conditioning was not cold. Greg did an amazing job on figuring out what the problems were and consulting me before buying the replacement parts. He found the best value and quality parts for my car to get it running perfectly. Greg was flexible with my schedule and honest about the costs. I would recommend Greg to family and friends because he is knowledgeable and trustworthy. He’s a very nice person and experienced at working on cars. I have a BMW, and he was able to fix it with no problems even though my car is more complicated than some others.”
Amanda S.
“I made a great decision when I called Greg. As someone who freaks at the mechanical challenge of changing the toner on a printer…he was a Godsend! He arranged the tow quickly and called me with explanations and advice that took the mystery out of my car repairs, making it all very transparent. He was thorough and red flagged a safety issue I wasn’t aware of. Definitely a man with a good work ethic. I sincerely recommend Greg as the go-to mechanic!”
Suzanne M.
“We operate a fleet of 10 vehicles and have used Greg’s services for several years to keep our fleet on the road. We rely on Greg to perform routine maintenance and also to advise us on appropriate repairs to help us manage our repair cost. Greg has also been there when we do inevitably break down on the road to help get us up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We count on Greg for value, service, and expertise. As a small business owner, you have to find people for your team that you can count on to keep your business moving forward. I highly recommend Greg’s Truck & Auto Repair to keep your fleet on the road.”
Dan S., Two Men and a Truck